Announcing autorepoman

I’d like to announce autorepoman to our developer (and user) community.

You may ask: What the hell is autorepoman? I guess from the name you already have some ideas in your head. Something that does something automatic with repoman. Here we go: autorepoman is a script that runs on one of my systems that runs repoman on changed packages every 30 minutes and generates an email for every package that has errors and sends the email to a mailing list for everyone to read. As it only runs repoman for changed packages the time it takes is quite low, compared to a full tree-wide repoman. Most of the time the running time for an autorepoman run is ~1 minute. A large amount of time is spend on loading the reverse dependencies. Yes, autorepoman has reverse dependencies, that means it will also check packages that depend on the modified package. It also checks for broken Manifests in packages.

If you want to subscribe to the mailing list you can do so by sending an email to, but be aware that depending on the number of commits made to the tree and the quality of these commits, the volume might be relatively high.

Please send comments and suggestions to

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4 Responses to Announcing autorepoman

  1. hm says:

    What about echoing the results to a little webpage whereever (devspace eg)
    Everything is being monitored by email today and it sucks.
    For my bugs for example, i get like 100 emails per day and 98% aren’t really my problem. My mailbox fill in very fast (im not talking about mailing lists and so on)
    So i just use the web interface and searches once a day. That’s very efficient and faster than reading all the emails.

    Well, just my opinion (email sucks :D)

  2. swegener says:

    Well, I prefer to have them directly in my inbox instead of checking a webpage. autorepoman is primarily targeted at Gentoo developers as they need to fix the issues and pushing the errors to them via email is easier. Maybe I’ll implement some webpage for it in the future, but currently this feature is not planned.

  3. postmodern says:

    A RSS feed would also be nice for those who prefer http over smtp/pop3/imap.

  4. Tester says:

    Yea a webpage would definitely be useful.. and maybe sending an email to the maintainer/herd/commiter when there is a problem. As a dev, I already receive way too much email.

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